Croatian product – croatian design


Following the competition in the world that has achieved great success in selling designer carpets, we decided to launch a project in which we wish to emphasize a connection of Croatian product with Croatian design. To achieve this we agreed a cooperation with many renowned Croatian designers, however we didn’t wanted to restrict only to interior designers, we have a good  cooperation with product designers, graphic designers, fashion designers and interior designers also. Our customers have recognized and accepted our combination of high quality carpet production with superior Croatian designs.

Creating unique woolen carpets and tapestries are long-standing tradition of DetailQ carpets. All our carpets are unique, handmade and

made from high quality New Zealand wool, cotton and linen. You determine the design and color, shape, dimensions and thickness. Manufacturing processes are strictly controlled and satisfy specific standards of environmental protection. We have New Zealand wool in a combination of over 100 different colors and shades, which allows you the countless possibilities and combinations of design. Besides the color and design for a perfectly beautiful carpet look contributes the pile,

and you can choose from a velour pile, and a combination of velour and bukle pile. If you choose a velour pile, you will get softer and warmer look, while the bukle pile is distinguished by its resistance. If you want a combination of both pile, you’ll get a carpet that will simply flaunt with  interesting relief and enhance the appearance of any space. In this way, each rug is produced as unique which allowed a customer to craete a sense of prestige and exclusivity.

Simply … DetailQ rugs are the perfect combination of quality, function and form and style and innovation.

The basic materials are : 100% New Zealand wool, cotton and linen
Consumption of wool: 3000-4000 g/m2
Number of nodes: 140000-180000 / m2

Antistatic processed

The rugs are protected from moths, mites and other pests, and from UV rays (resistant colors that does not fade in the sun)